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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  February 13, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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now abc 2 news at 6:30. a mild night on maryland road especially for february this time last we just survived two blizzard. good evening i'm joce sterman. will the snow stay away. meteorologist lynette charles has a look at your first forecast. well you know what the spring is going to feel like for this week. the winter will stay away. the temperatures right now we are looking pretty good. let me show you what's going on because 52 degrees at harbor. and dover around 47 degrees. we really got
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up there today and as the week goes on those temperatures will store. so maryland's most powerful radar, it's nice and quiet out there and we will start to few more clouds. already outen move. we can see that we are try. we will deal to mostly to partly cloudy skies. it is going to get down right windy as we head into tomorrow. for this evening and little bit on the breezy side, some temperatures in the 40s and we won't see those mild temperatures and here is your hour by hour forecast. windy by noontime. right now baltimore city police are talking to reporters about a early morning shooting downtown. s.w.a.t. officers were monitoring a club. this happened just after 2:00 this morning in the 200 block
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of east saratoga street. the person that was shocked is expected to be okay. we have a crew with police at the moment and we will bring you update on the story tonight. baltimore county police aren't saying what happened to the moment that led up to deadly accident of m&t a bus and pedestrian. it happened just before 6:00 in pikesville. the investigation into that went -- incident is still ongoing. president obama it making a stop in baltimore county. they are expected to discuss budget priority a white house spokesperson says the school is an example of those the president feels need continuous investment. tomorrow's visit falls on the same day the president will mitt his budget plan.
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he want to use cuts to help to pay for increase spending on education and infrastructure. they are the people we call in times of crisis today first responders were sharing their knowledge learning how to handle a emergency. abc 2 news paul has more on their hands on lesson. >> reporter: this is a abc extinguisher. this is one of the most common extinguisher you will find. most residences, most businesses offices, day care centers. >> reporter: volunteers from the program, came to baltimore city fire academy on pulaski highway. >> we use the pottery substance
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what are we trying to do with the fire itself. >> to prepare them to help communities in times of major emergency or disaster such as a snowstorm or a hurricane or a tornado. >> reporter: volunteer here this week, all agree preparation is important. >> put the fire out and back away from it. learn from experience. >> nobody knew was to do. roth classroom time was also given so volunteers could learn about search and rescue, medical equipment and prepare for possible chemical and biological attack. >> we had something that happened at the raven stadium. once people leave that stadium they scatter. they left that incident and traveled all the way to
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pennsylvania. it goes from the incident and it travels all the way towards pennsylvania. >> reporter: eight members of the morgan place police department found it very helpful. >> we still want to know what the community can do to help us. we here it find out how to utilize the community to helping us in emergency situation. >> reporter: in baltimore paul jaffey abc news. >> you want to learn about next training session, check out the website at well. makes me thinking about it. all the candy hearts filled with chocolate and couple holding hands. let's face it though, coming up le tell you what most people spend each valentine's day to sweep their sweetie off their feet. we are trying to find other ways
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to cut back spending. we will have latest money saving tips up next. >> we started at 25 degrees this morning and made it all the way up to 52. in seven-day forecast i have the 60s to talk about as well. and i have your sweetheart forecast right after the break. [ pilot 1 ] everybody gets excited
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when southwest announces a new nonstop. [ pilot 2 ] we like to look out the window and see new places. we love to fly. and we really love to fly to new destinations.
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[ male announcer ] starting march 13th fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg or charleston. and remember our fares are online only at we have the best window office in the world... ...and the best job -- making sure people get where they need to go faster and better. [ laughs ] nice! [ ding ] . when times are tough we all look for creative new ways to make ends meet and baltimore city is no different. that's why the mayor is citigroup people for suggestions on how to save a few budgets. this week -- they got to see firsthand what the city is facing and also give their input about services. >> we want to try to do everything that we did last year. all the services and benefits. in order to make that happen, we need
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additional $80 million. so we 80 million short just to keep the same level of service that we had last year. >> mayor rawings -- love maybe in the air but it's the money that's flying as people hand over cash for valentine's day. this year americans are dropping about $18.6 billion on the holiday. that's nearly 6% more than last year. and it breaks to about 125 bucks a person. americans spend most of their money on romantic getaways and candy and popular expense of all, dining out. tonight's money saving tip comes from one of our viewers. thelma say you should clip coupons and go to the supermarkets that has coupons. she went to the store a week ago and with her coupon her 246-dollar bill came down
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to just 197 dollars and she now got enough food to last her at least a month. now maryland's post popular doppler radar and the forecast accurate weather. >> it was an absolutely gorgeous day out. right we're coming in right around 52 degrees. 52 degrees right now that barometer is holding steady. that's what we're con tending but a lovely evening. we are seeing a few clouds trying to push it. to it was definitely a good day. we got some sun tiny in here and we move into annapolis and again we saw few clouds trying to move in here but we
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also saw some sunshine. that's the way it's going to to go. but our highs today, right around 53 degrees that is well above average. we should be at 44 degrees now for this time of year. check out culpeper, winchester close to 60 degrees as well. now the winds, that was a scenario for today, that was where another part of the story. it's going to get windy but right now the wind sustain about 10 miles an hour into dallas and baltimore coming in about 9 miles an hour. oakland coming in 13 and pennsylvania right around 12. so your neighborhood forecast for forecast, think you will like what you see here, look at the mid-50s coming around 534 534
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-- 54 degrees. so tomorrow, it's going to feel like we are in march and that trend is going to continue especially as we go into the end of the week. the satellite radar not picking up on a whole lot. no type of rain or snow. that's going to be the trend as we go to the overnight time frame and will continue into tomorrow. we are look act the at cold front that's going to move through as we go through tomorrow the backside in the wake of that cold front. you know you felt the breezes today and it's going to get down right windy. by the time tuesday rolls around here, temperatures will be a little beth cooler. so we will drop back in the 40s. 40ss is where we should be. then as we go into wednesday and we will see temperatures back into the 60. look act the forecast, i'm putting this into motion, we will start to see that sun cloud mix and we see
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plenty of sunshine as we go into tuesday that's going to help temperatures seasonal temperature limit. 35 degrees as we go into overnight and mostly cloudy and breezy. we see a little bit sun, little bit of cloud. it's going to be mild out there and again the big story is the fact it's going to be very windy. we looking at your seven-day forecast and tomorrow is your sweetie. it is going to be on a little beth of -- bit of the windy side. by the time we hit friday, look at the temperature coming in right around 65 degrees. it's going to be nice and cooler as we bo to next weekend. i know you like what you see. flu -- i know when you hear that people love it. you will have a lot of friends this week. there have been court orders telling
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this guy to stop overcharging customers and we even busted him on camera. a lock smith continues to snug his nose at the law. he's a pasadena man we've been monitoring for months. many customers tell us he charges hundreds even thousands to pop their lock. he continued now the attorney general's office is trying to take a stronger step to stop him. >> if the court does in fact find orders to be violated., we've ask the court to return the money. if he doesn't repay that money, he want him to go to jail. >> tonight at 11:00 we will tell you how many complaints horton ramped up. it's an amazing number. the food that get you every
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football game but these people chowing down on chicken wings, around watching the game, they are part of one. coming up. ♪
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. get ready because college la cross is coming. next saturday john hopkins take on the first game in the season. knew jaime costello give us a preview. it's sunday night in world. we open up this the season this saturday an noon when john hopkins travels. coach, 11 years, every year on the banner, you got to play in may. last weekend of may. >> well, we're a young team so we're going
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to have to practice well. it's been a contention from a year ago. one of the focal points for us is to practice better. as a young group you walk that fine line to teaching a lot and play a lot. it's a great group to be around but for us it's day-to- day operation. >> you've coached two championship teams. you know -- what it takes to get there. >> it's a great group. the enthusiasm is there. we need to be better in pressure situations. we need to be better at the fundamentals of the game. a year ago it was defense faceoffs and ground balls. ground balls are possessions and ground balls are possession. we have to be much improved in the mental areas. congratulations, 30 years, can
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you believe it? what did you teach him? >> it wasn't a lot to teach. >> reporter: probably the best defense i ever seen. you want to get off to a fast off don't you? >> i want to win a couple games in february and march. >> reporter: you're young too coming out the box. >> i don't think we're young but inexperienced. lost a couple seniors that scored a lot of goals last year. we have to find some junior and sophomores and get them in our lineup. >> reporter: we were just talking, february start. would you like to move it back a little bit? >> love to see it move back. it. >> appears our spring sport went to winter sport. >> reporter: drop some names. >> we think about -- there's not a lot of seniors. two that come to mind is kyle
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and they are both captain. we're beginning -- going to rely heavily on those guys. so it's great to have -- defensively we will be pair of sophomores and mid-field and other pair of sophomores and greenlee and those are few key names for us. >> you haven't been to hopkins in 15 years. we can play this tomorrow. drop some names for you. >> travis is returning goalie. our captain is strong defense and good solid player. he's not going to take the ball away from anybody but he can get the job done. those guys i think are the hub.
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>> reporter: throughout the season we will have a little preview what the game will be about. i leak to bring both back in what to look for in a la cross player. you got your twins ready. we leak to know how you form a la cross mayor here in baltimore. that's pretty good. thanks tony and you've been watching abc 2 sports. job hopkins and we will have it on the air noon on saturday. all right thanks. it's the baltimore area answer on competitive eating. but these guys aren't just pigging out on wings to win a prize they're also helping a good cause. up next we will tell you who benefits from all of this binge eating.
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. joey chestnut in training and these guys are chowing down for a good cause. there were a plenty of chicken wings to go around. all thanks to the third annual wing bowl. that's a group that helps baltimore police officers and their families when they are faced with personal emergency. >> foundation has always been there to help them financially to get through these things in their live. >> today's winning wing bowl team receives a trip. they will need it. >> too much wings but that's going to make me hungry. >> we will talk about that. you know what, i have my friends back this week. lynette good to see you. >> check out the temperature, 56 degrees and we see that warming trend. friday, bingo, 65 degrees. >> love it. all right can't wait for
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that. that's it for abc 2 news at 6:00 i'm joce sterman, have a great night. this is the aircraft log book.
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we have to write down everything about every flight. with so many new southwest flights, that's a lot of ink. i filled up three of these this month already. kind of like the little black book... of all the cities we've dated. [ male announcer ] starting march 13th fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport


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